I have never made a point of a wedding party, a wedding dress and an expensive ring of diamonds. That’s not what makes my head. I do not need a signed paper to prove that I am your woman, make me feel your woman! And I  always will be.

You can put a bamboo ring on my finger as long as it is TRUE, that it is not just to show our commitment to the world, that I will be glad if it does not have gold but has LOVE. And if you use it with happiness and not for mere formality.

I also do not want to require fidelity because I believe that no one obliges or thanks the happiness and love. When one of these feelings is very strong, the other complement spontaneously, with no obligations or charges. Loyalty is the fruit of this union and that’s what interests me.

I do not need a party, if it’s to show to our friends how I am happy, who knows me doesn’t need it and who doesn’t know me does not care… My friends know that I’ve found love only by the Brightness in my eyes. I’ve never wanted a husband for ceremony; I’ve always wanted a life partner that would make our routine happily and from our bed a party. Don’t give me expensive gifts, give me smiles.

I’ve never wanted a HUSBAND to accompany me in Christmas rites and family gatherings, with no mood for it, just because need to be there. I’ve always wanted a partner who even in the final of the Brazilian championship, with his team in the field, told me "Come on! I watch the game with your cousins-opponents." See the difference? Partnership can be absolutely opposite to marriage, even if it should never be like this. I’ve never wanted to spend all the year planning a road map for the 7-day vacation at the end of the year and I do not need to spend the New Year in Cancun, I always wanted a guy who would pick me up earlier on a Thursday and climb up the mountain to 24 hours together...

I’ve never wanted a HUSBAND that would take my family to a fancy restaurant and give me a purse as a gift, just because it is the right thing to do. I’d like a life partner that would put chocolates under my pillow … and that would call my family and say “come here home”, do not make statements with a helicopter but, that tell me every day how I am important to him.

I don’t want a husband just to pose in photos with me, and take me to the firm’s events. I want a life partner to produce good memories, to be, one day, that photo that misses, on a routine moment on our porch. A better half to after the event in the firm ask me “and now, where are we going?”

I don’t want a husband that just be waiting for me in the emergency room, I’ve always wanted a husband to prepare some tea for me when I have the flu. That is care, zeal, and marriage, unfortunately, sometimes it's something else. Therefore, do not only marry me, LIVE at my side.

I do not want a husband to comply with the protocols; I want a mate, to break them all!

I do not want a husband to get old with me; I want a MATE who helps me keep my spirit young forever. A companion who gets old with me and laughs at my white hair...

I never wanted a husband to have to have sex 3 times a week; I always wanted a partner to take me to bed when I fall asleep on the couch.

I never wanted a husband just to toast; I've always wanted a mate to open a bottle when the day has been awful.

I never wanted a husband to procreate. To take turns changing nightclothes. I’ve always wanted a partner who understand my tiredness and offered me the shoulder to rest.

No need to do Tantric massage on my feet, just let me stretch my legs over his...

I never wanted a HUS-BAN-D to afford me! To pay all my bills. I always wanted a mate to grow up together. I never wanted a husband to take me to know the world, I just wanted a partner to conquer the world, to build our own world. To suffice on a rainy day. To be happy eating pasta with egg! To laugh when the money tightens ... and to want to divide not only the car and the bank account, but the soul, the life and the fears when the night arrives; The hugs, the sky, the stars, in our space and by all the galaxies ... let me be the star in your solar system!

But it does not have to be eternal. I just want it to be true while it lasts. And may this last, be light and brief, while I breathe.