I am an expensive woman


I have my troubles, it is true. But this is far from being a complaint. In fact, I am proud of myself! I struggle, I fight, I have my moments of questioning and weariness, but I have never depended on any man for anything. It is a thousand times better to go through my troubles alone than to subject myself to being someone's property. And those who think that it is pride or arrogance are wrong, after being beaten so much by life we learn to have self-love and mine, nowadays, comes first.

I accept help, if it is from a good heart and for love, for humiliation and pain, I really prefer to be alone. By my side, only whom I choose and whom I love very much and know loves me in exact proportion. Reciprocity is my watchword!

So that when it is no longer good, reciprocal, and HAPPY, I can leave the same way I arrived: With my stuff, character and pride. I don't want anything from anyone, I have the strange habit of conquering my own things. 

I've failed a lot, it's also true. I have trusted people who didn't deserve an ounce of trust; I have gone knowing that I shouldn't go; I've waited for those I knew wouldn't come. But at least, one good thing I can say about myself: I LIVED; and I was always LOYAL to myself in the first place.

I am an expensive woman.
And that's why I won't sell my peace for anything in the world.
My love is not negotiable and I don't bargain my affection for any company.
They already tried to buy me, but in the wrong way; I don't sell myself cheap. Everything I like is rare; very valuable.
Yes, I am for sale. And I'll tell you something else, I surrender easily...to everything that money can't buy.
You'll take me on sight...the first time our eyes meet and my heart speeds up.
I accept cards, too! Accompanied by beautiful flowers with dedication...or a handwritten note.
How about splitting? Share your love, I will love to receive it in smooth installments, for a lifetime!

Don't try to buy me with expensive things and power, what sells me is the glamour of simplicity. People who have sincere smiles of happiness. People who have good energy to give and sell. The little routine gestures; the unexpected weekend trips. I have my luxuries and I don't give them up.The smell of wet earth when opening the window, fresh coffee in the morning and butter on the bread. No French perfume comes even close ;)

My bed linen must be impeccable, no Egyptian threads, but dried in the sun. I like to collect good memories and I am extremely selective, I don't mix with just anyone... to go with me, one must have stock; the high stock of a good and honest character. You can't find it on any street corner. I am not used to frequent low level places. Low energy, low laughter, low music, it's really not my thing. I only go where I am accepted and wanted, in high heels and gold and in slippers and jewelry.

I am a gold digger person, I admit it, I am easily interested in good conversation and shy smiles. I like the good and the best, all the best that only a good love can give me.

Bruna Stamato

I’ve never wanted a husband I’ve always wanted a life partner

I have never made a point of a wedding party, a wedding dress and an expensive ring of diamonds. That’s not what makes my head. I do not need a signed paper to prove that I am your woman, make me feel your woman! And I  always will be.
You can put a bamboo ring on my finger as long as it is TRUE, that it is not just to show our commitment to the world, that I will be glad if it does not have gold but has LOVE. And if you use it with happiness and not for mere formality. I also do not want to require fidelity because I believe that no one obliges or thanks the happiness and love. When one of these feelings is very strong, the other complement spontaneously, with no obligations or charges. Loyalty is the fruit of this union and that’s what interests me.

I do not need a party, if it’s to show to our friends how I am happy, who knows me doesn’t need it and who doesn’t know me does not care… My friends know that I’ve found love only by the Brightness in my eyes. I’ve never wanted a husband for ceremony; I’ve always wanted a life partner that would make our routine happily and from our bed a party. Don’t give me expensive gifts, give me smiles.

I’ve never wanted a HUSBAND to accompany me in Christmas rites and family gatherings, with no mood for it, just because need to be there. I’ve always wanted a partner who even in the final of the Brazilian championship, with his team in the field, told me "Come on! I watch the game with your cousins-opponents." See the difference? Partnership can be absolutely opposite to marriage, even if it should never be like this. I’ve never wanted to spend all the year planning a road map for the 7-day vacation at the end of the year and I do not need to spend the New Year in Cancun, I always wanted a guy who would pick me up earlier on a Thursday and climb up the mountain to 24 hours together...
I’ve never wanted a HUSBAND that would take my family to a fancy restaurant and give me a purse as a gift, just because it is the right thing to do. I’d like a life partner that would put chocolates under my pillow … and that would call my family and say “come here home”, do not make statements with a helicopter but, that tell me every day how I am important to him. I don’t want a husband just to pose in photos with me, and take me to the firm’s events. I want a life partner to produce good memories, to be, one day, that photo that misses, on a routine moment on our porch. A better half to after the event in the firm ask me “and now, where are we going?”

I don’t want a husband that just be waiting for me in the emergency room, I’ve always wanted a husband to prepare some tea for me when I have the flu. That is care, zeal, and marriage, unfortunately, sometimes it's something else. Therefore, do not only marry me, LIVE at my side.
I do not want a husband to comply with the protocols; I want a mate, to break them all!

I do not want a husband to get old with me; I want a MATE who helps me keep my spirit young forever. A companion who gets old with me and laughs at my white hair...
I never wanted a husband to have to have sex 3 times a week; I always wanted a partner to take me to bed when I fall asleep on the couch. I never wanted a husband just to toast; I've always wanted a mate to open a bottle when the day has been awful.
I never wanted a husband to procreate. To take turns changing nightclothes. I’ve always wanted a partner who understand my tiredness and offered me the shoulder to rest.
No need to do Tantric massage on my feet, just let me stretch my legs over his...

I never wanted a HUS-BAN-D to afford me! To pay all my bills. I always wanted a mate to grow up together. I never wanted a husband to take me to know the world, I just wanted a partner to conquer the world, to build our own world. To suffice on a rainy day. To be happy eating pasta with egg! To laugh when the money tightens ... and to want to divide not only the car and the bank account, but the soul, the life and the fears when the night arrives; The hugs, the sky, the stars, in our space and by all the galaxies ... let me be the star in your solar system!

But it does not have to be eternal. I just want it to be true while it lasts. And may this last, be light and brief, while I breathe.

Bruna Stamato

About hot people

No. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't intend to talk here about breasts, legs and abs (or not only *laughs*). It is about the truly hooot people, who give us love for life.

For me, a truly hot person is one who lets herself go, who is malleable, in bed, and in the dull everyday life. It is the one who reacts with a smile, the kind we like to see and hear! They try to see the good side first, and even when they can't, the bad mood doesn't last more than 15 minutes. Nice people are the ones who laugh at themselves. People who don't defend themselves all the time, who have already learned that falling down is part of life and don't deny help to someone, afraid that they will ask too much, because they know that they are hot and are not afraid to share such hotness. 

A very nice person, to me, is a person who accepts an invitation straight away, without many "whys" and "buts". It is someone who is available for life and, mainly, available for yourself. People who allow themselves to fall hopelessly in love one night, by a glance, and fall out of love just as easily the next morning. Or the following month. Or... when GOD wants! People who INDULGE. Who show pleasure. Who ENJOY the wonders of being alive.

I have a great hard-on in life in those who say "I'm coming!” People who don't ask too much if you are not feeling well, who come without warning and keep you company, whether it is to dry a bottle of Martini or 2 liters of Coca Cola with a greasy pizza. People who are not afraid of the hangover the next day.

Hotness, for me, is not necessarily an up-to-date physique. In fact, I prefer pumped up neurons to stiff muscles. What good would it do me otherwise? Undernourished neurons, a weak mind with strong biceps? No offense, but it's not my thing. In fact, I am from the age of curves. Of touch, of smell. Of hands that slide down the neck to under the hair and grab the waist and not the keyboard of a smartphone.

It's not just a touch and a groping, no. It's more than that. Much more! It's about savoir faire.

Hot people don't need to have zero belly, they need to have zero BOREDNESS. No cellulite? NO! No frills. Like those who schedule a beer on a Tuesday night. A quick trip without previous programming and who like to receive friends. Without specific dates. People who have no seasonal friendship.

Nothing drives me crazier than a conversation that flows, with an eye to eye and clever cuts at the right time.

Good humor is a highly exciting thing. Have you tried it? 

The restrained ones may forgive me, but hot people are a little crazy.

Or not. It depends on your point of view.

For me, craziness is planning every day of the month, writing everything down on the agenda and ignore randomness, fate, and not allow the natural course changes. Craziness for me is to refuse a party invitation because I "don't have any clothes". It's not being with someone you love for "lack of time".  I like people who allow themselves a bath in the sea to heal the hangover or that bad love like cheap tequila. People who know that rain doesn't kill. People who let themselves get wet... completely.

I like people with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence enough to allow themselves to lose control. And I freak out at people who do, once in a while. I have a strong crush on people who are impetuous, unpredictable (and like to hold hands).

People who know how to play, but don't like to play games. Capisce? 

A hot guy, to me, is the one who doesn't beat around the bush, who says what he came for, without necessarily having to say much. Is there anything more sensual and ravishing than hearing "I came to see you.” ?! By the way... a precise and deep look gives me more chills than any erotic nonsense whispered by the ear.

A hot person is a person who allows herself to be loved. And this is a gift, believe me. Letting another being penetrate your body is relatively easy. Imagine letting yourself be penetrated in the soul. In day-to-day. When the spotlight goes out and the music ends. A genuinely HOT person doesn't fear the next day. The dawn doesn't scare her.

Because genuinely HOT people are real. They don't need masks. 

Only if it's behind closed doors... But then, I'll tell you in another text...


Bruna Stamato

You deserve a good love

Don't let yourself be deceived anymore. Don't try to lower your expectations, or repress your desires to fit into the tiny heart of someone who is not in the mood to give or receive all the love you have inside. Don't suffocate yourself with words that you can't say, for fear of "scaring" the being and move him away. LOVE only scares those who have no idea what love is, or those who are closed and unavailable at the moment to be loved. 

There are people who don't want to. What are you going to do? There are people who have other plans for themselves, other priorities, and think that for some reason your love, at that moment, will "spoil" things. There are people who don't even believe that they can truly be loved, although they have created a totally self-sufficient and empowered image. Nobody accepts something that they don't feel worthy of owning. 

Then there are those who cannot reciprocate. Because love is a really weird thing. It's no use having the same taste in music and liking sushi. This will not guarantee the romance you deserve, at most, a discrete friendship.

You don't have to settle for any of this. You don't have to wait the whole week to see if he will ask you out or if she will finally answer your messages with something more than two syllables. You deserve a good love. The love you dream of so much. Don't let yourself be convinced that it doesn't exist! You have to believe it.

You deserve all the clichés, the delicious and addictive ones that only LOVE offers! You deserve ice cream on Sunday, holding hands in the square, with a little ice cream war that ends in a long, breathtaking kiss.

YES, you deserve to make plans for the future and choose possible names for your children and, why not, adopt a dog?! 

You deserve someone who tells you, every day, how important you are and how much they wished and prayed to find you in this life! You deserve someone who will always choose your company, even if they have 100 other companies for a Saturday night. You deserve someone who wants to stay Monday morning, even if you're tired, disheveled, and out of sorts. You deserve someone who will make it a point to pick you up from work one day just so they can spend an extra hour with you. Because that's what LOVE is. Love is like that, it is minimalist. It makes sure of 5 more minutes with the loved one. Every second is worth gold for a lover.

And you deserve to finally realize this. You deserve to go to bed knowing that the world can start turning the other way tomorrow, that nothing matters, your love will be there with you. You deserve to have a safe haven to dock in storms, and a traveling companion when you need to leave.

You deserve strogonoff on Sunday at the in-laws' house; a trip with your nephews and a visit to grandma's house. You deserve someone who will take you on and not leave when things are getting good. You deserve to live with no doubts about whether someone loves you or not! You deserve to be an absolute choice, not just another option. 

You deserve a love like that! A love that makes you laugh! Who teaches you how to ride a bike and who can also learn from you. A love with all the beautiful things that love brings. The whole package.

You know what I mean? 

You deserve open declarations by the ear, on social networks, and in hammocks between coconut trees, lying down, between whispers and moans. You deserve hands that support you and make you lose your way once in a while. You deserve to take refuge in a generously host soul.

You deserve to dream, all those dreams that we convince ourselves it's too late to dream. Those dreams that we are afraid to look ridiculous. But you know what, everybody looks a little silly when they are loving and being loved! It's ridiculous to live life pretending not to care about any of it.

I wish you could find someone who has been through a lot and knows how to appreciate all this beautiful feeling you have. I wish you would get really silly, looking for song lyrics to send at dawn, that you would start looking at the kitchen of your house with new eyes (people in love will understand me). I wish you laugh alone in the elevator remembering last night, and that pain, from now on, will only come from a more daring position! 

I wish you have someone to dedicate this text to, and wish you get rid of any pretext and say with all your heart "I LOVE YOU, MY LOVE!” and “YOU ARE ALL OF THIS TO ME”. I wish that you get flowers, or have someone to send them to, on Valentine's Day. And wish you have someone to open a wine with when your day has been lousy. I wish you long conversations on the phone and hope they are never longer than your hugs.

Several people ask me if there is a law of attraction "formula" for attracting that kind of love we deserve, and I reply, because I fully believe it, that the only way to attract good love is by giving good love and being fully AWARE of it.

There is nothing you can do if you offered all your love to someone who didn't appreciate it. It's his bad luck, not yours. The Universe is feeling it, the Uni knows your enormous "amateur" potential, and with no doubt, it will send you love in the same vibrational frequency, so: DO NOT STOP VIBRATING LOVE. Even if you have hurt yourself before. Keep emanating love and you will receive love back, in the same proportion. You need to tell yourself, with real conviction "I deserve good love." And don't settle, ever again, for anything less than that. 

You know, I hardly ever write about this, but I had a bad marriage that lasted a long time (yeah... It happens...) and when it ended I thought, "Wow, I need to take a break now. I need a break. I don't care about relationships anymore." But, my heart was saying "It was not in vain. Love is never in vain, it ennobles the one who loves. Bad luck for those who don't know how to love. We know!" and even though I didn't want to, I mean consciously, my frequency didn't change. I kept on vibrating love because in fact it is what I carry inside me. And I found a perfect partner for me! With everything I idealized before going to sleep. 

No, it is not a fairy tale. It is better. It is better because we don't have to be princes and princesses and live in a magic kingdom. It is better because it is REAL. It is perfect precisely because of the imperfections that complement each other. 

So, I don't wish you a fairy tale. I wish you something that lasts longer than the twelve strokes of midnight. Something that no charm or magic will be able to break. Something that doesn't need a fairy godmother to make it happen. Something that goes far beyond the "happily ever after", far beyond the passing euphoria of a recent passion. Something that happens day by day. Something like "together as long as it is reciprocal". Because eternity is inside our hearts, the rest... the rest is just time. And time is ephemeral.

I wish someone who wants you very much, exactly the way you deserve.               

Bruna Stamato